My other sites / profiles - My Instagram account, where I submit pictures of my drawings, WIPs + pictures of other stuff like for example carnivorous plants and collectibles. - My Etsy shop, where you can buy my traditional drawings (original drawings or signed prints). - My profile (Quelchii) on deviantART. Artists can upload and share their work in this online community (or just admire other people's art). I'm probably very active on this site. - On this page I share my drawings / paintings, which I upload first on deviantART. - Here you can support me and my art.

Quelchii (Youtube Channel) - Still inactive.

Other carnivorous plant sites - The wesite of the German carnivorous plant society / Gesellschafft für Fleischfressende Pflanzen (G.F.P.). - Bob Ziemers photofinder with links to photos of almost every carnivorous plant. - The database of the G.F.P. with a list of all carnivorous plant species (maybe a bit outdated, but still very useful). - Website of Christian Dietz with many high quality pictures of plants in cultivation and also in habitat. You can especially find many informations about Drosera. - Recommendable website of Markus Welge and Matthias Teichert with many great infos about rare species and also many breathtaking pictures. - English website of Dieter Kadereit about tuberous Drosera. You can find useful informations about cultivating these plants and also some beautiful photos. - If you're interested in Pinguicula, you just have to visit the website of Oliver Gluch. - Homepage of Rolf Zanchettin and Holger Goßner with interesting informations and amazing pictures. - German website of Michael Richter with many informations about different plants like e.g. carnivorous plants, orchids and many more.

Forums - German forum of the German carnivorous plant society (G.F.P.), where you can be sure to find an answer to any question (my username: "Nicole Rebbert"). - A good and recommendable English forum (my username: "Nicole"). - English Forum of the ICPS (International Carnivorous Plant Society). - Another English forum.


Gartenbau Thomas Carow - Website of Thomas Carow: you can find a list with offers here. The plants are very good and healthy.

Carnivorsandmore - Website of Christian Klein: Here you can find a sale list with many very good and also some rare carnivorous plants for a good price.

Andreas Wistuba - Online shop of Andreas Wistuba where you can especially buy many Nepenthes and Heliamphora.

Bestcarnivorousplants - Czech online shop of Kamil Pásek with a very good offer (and sometimes with some rare plants!).

Czplants - Czech online shop of Václav Kubín with a great offer of different carnivorous plants. - Czech online shop of Miroslav Srba: huge offer of many different carnivorous plants.

Götz Pflanzenzubehör - Good German online shop with a huge offer (supplies) for example: pots, substrates and more.

Redfern Natural History - In Stewart McPherson's shop you can buy for example some of his several carnivorous plant books.

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